most hated Facebook statuses

There are a billion people on Facebook. This doesn’t just mean tonnes of opportunities for connecting with friends and growing businesses – it also means lots more opportunities for those Facebook statuses we all hate to come creeping onto our News Feeds.

We want to do our part to get those dreaded statuses to stop, for the love of social media and our sanity. So here is our list of the five most hated statuses that have made us roll our eyes time and again: 

1. The over-the-top in love status

We all get it: you’re in a relationship, you’re in love. That’s great. We don’t need a detailed breakdown of your feelings for your significant other or a play by play of your romantic evening together.

2. The food/diet/gym status

Anyone who’s into fitness or dieting somehow feels the need to post photos of their salads and protein shakes all over Facebook, along with statuses on whether they worked their glutes, hamstrings or shoulders in their ‘epic gym session’ today. Just in case there’s any confusion – we definitely don’t need to know any of the above information. All it does is make us feel bad that we’re just working our thumb on the remote, so please stop.

3. The promoted posts that are really just ads

Nothing’s sneakier than promoted or sponsored posts worming their way onto your News Feed, as if Facebook ads on our side bar weren’t more than enough to glut our social media. Its infuriating to see Facebook turn into a marketers paradise but if your customers just sign up to your Loyalzoo loyalty app to find out about specials and offers you wont be ruining their social experience..

4. The passive aggressive status

How many times have we seen one of these?: “Some people think they can say what they want about me and I won’t find out. Think again.” It’s awkward and attention-seeking, so let’s keep the snarky comments to a minimum, people.

5. The sad yet purposeless status

“Ugh” and “:-(” should not be allowed as Facebook statuses. What is the purpose of posting that, other than to get your Facebook friends to ask you what’s wrong? In which case, why not just state what’s bothering you outright and save us all some time?

So, let’s all do our part to stop the propagation of these Facebook statuses by not posting or commenting on them; as for the influx of promotional posts, just let your customers turn a blind eye and download the Loyalzoo app because at least that way they’re guaranteed to get great special offers that will perk them up when faced with any of those unbearable status updates. Here’s to silver linings!

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