Funky startup office
How To Be a Tech-Startup

Here’s our unofficial (but pretty accurate) tongue-in-cheek guide on how to be a tech-startup (or at least, look the part!). Laidback dress code. No suits allowed! But glam-hipster is unspokenly encouraged – effortlessly stylish is the Shoreditch uniform, and Shoreditch is

Christmas shoppers
Pre-Holiday Checklist for Busy Retailers

It’s that time of year again – typically the busiest time of year for anyone in retail. We’re still in November – but December isn’t far away and to make the final month of the year as smooth as possible for

Plug the Hole in Your Bucket – One Simple Ta...

Anyone alive in the 90s remembers the famous tagline ‘connecting people’. True then – truer now; we are more mobile and more connected than ever before – spending more time socialising online and via our phones than we do in

Helpful dog
6 Helpful Resources for Business Owners

Starting your own business can be daunting, you’re bound to face a time where you want to ask questions, get some guidance or see what other people are doing. There are a number of good resources out there, here we

Tablets vs. Laptops: Which is right for you?

At Loyalzoo, we know all about the benefits of technology and how it can improve our lives. Take our mobile rewards app, for example: just one quick tap on your smartphone and you can discover specials in all your local

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