iPad mini store app with points

If you have a kiwis loyalty program, you can still use our mobile app. You can see who your customers are, their points balances and so on. You can even give them points using the app! Just keep in mind – only customers who have received a kiwi link from you will be visible in the app. To find out how you get started with kiwis, you can read this article.

Just download the Loyalzoo for Business from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or a tablet, alternatively using the POS Companion on desktop. Sign in with the same details as you use for the Merchant Dashboard/myaccount.loyalzoo.com. In the app you will see all your customers who have registered with you (ie. they have clicked on or typed a kiwi link in their browser), and you can give them points directly from the app if you wish. Similarly, you can tell your customers to download the customer app (simply called Loyalzoo) so they can check their points on the fly.

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