With 2014 fast approaching we decided that instead of a new year’s resolution that we break by noon on 1st January we would get our houses and office ship shape, tidy and free from clutter. After all, they say your house or your office is a mirror of your mind and thought process and we need to be clear headed, especially with so many big plans and more and more downloads of our app.

After arguing for a while over who would take responsiblity for bathrooms we gave up on reaching an agreement and instead turned to living rooms, desks, communal areas in the office and anything that doesnt involve us getting down on our knees with rubber gloves.

We preach simplicity. We preach moving from the paper to the virtual. And of course we preach loyalty. So perhaps we shouldnt admit that stuffed in various places we found hundreds of loyalty cards from different shops, some never used, others partially completed and others fully stamped but expired. We simply dont have the time to orgainse them into piles and we certainly dont have space for hundreds of loyalty cards in our wallets – our wallets are overflowing with money (we wish!).

Our bin (or to be more precise our environmentally friendly recycle bin) is now the proud owner of all those different cards from independent shops that we will probably never go back to. We have no real reason to go back as so many others are using our app that lets us keep clutter free. Those shops are missing out on business.

This leads us to a key point: nearly every shop under the sun has a loyalty scheme and they are all competing with each other. You need to stand out. And you need to understand your customer. More and more people have smartphones and today’s tech savvy consumer wants more than a bit of paper with a stamp on it. They are bombarded by advertising and special offers from your competitors 24 hours a day (or at least while they are not asleep!). By being clever with your marketing and by understanding your customers you can create real loyalty and we all know what that means: more regular visits and more spending! Why wait for the shop round the corner to beat you to it? Get Loyalzoo now and watch the money pour in!

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