Loyalzoo digital stamps app

If you have given customers points or stamps using our mobile app as well as with our kiwi codes – the customers’ points will automatically merge if the kiwi points are redeemed on the device they use for the Loyalzoo app.

For example: Your customer normally checks-in with their phone when they visit you, but this time they have left their phone at home. You give them their loyalty points in a kiwi code – written on a piece of paper, sent as a text message or however you wish to do it.

Tell the customer to click on or type the kiwi code into the web browser on their phone (where they also have the Loyalzoo app) – and the points will automatically be synced and visible in the Loyalzoo app.

If the customer types the kiwi into a browser on a different device, the accounts will merge automatically only if the customer uses their Facebook to sign in, or is registered with an email in the app and uses the exact same email address to redeem their kiwi.

Similarly if your customers have received their points via kiwis, they can download the Loyalzoo app and login with their existing username (their email) to see their points.

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