When we designed Loyalzoo, one principle was very clear: this is an app to promote customer loyalty to local, independent merchants. In Loyalzoo, the focus is on getting your usual customers to return more often, and spend more in your shop. Read more

Most services that connect businesses with their customers collect reams of personal data. Look at any of the loyalty programmes run by big brand coffee shops or other outlets. Their sign-up page can run to, well, many pages. Why is Loyalzoo different?

I could say that we do it to defend people’s privacy, but that would not be the real reason. Loyalzoo is in no position to defend anyone’s privacy for the simple reason that there is little privacy left to defend. Unless you are a survivalist and have managed to avoid using any digital services in the last 20 years, there is already a huge amount of information about you floating around in the cloud. Read more

If merchants could study the spending that takes place in their shops, they would no doubt find that a very small proportion of their customers account for the bulk of their revenue. The businesses that work are always the ones that concentrate on satisfying the customers they have rather than chasing after new ones. And once you do have new customers, you work to keep them in the same way.

The Loyalzoo app then works at three levels

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