Happy loyal customers in restaurant

They’re your favourite customers and the ones who you instantly recognise when they walk into your shop. You know these customers are important to your business, but did you know that these customers drive up to 80 percent of your total revenue?

You’ve got to make sure that you go above and beyond to keep these loyal customers happy and coming back again and again. These loyal customers are your main source of revenue, and you have to protect it. If you don’t we guarantee that a competitor will come along and take them!

Here are some tips for keeping your loyal customers happy:

  1. Identify them. Using a digital loyalty marketing program and loyalty app such as Loyalzoo will allow you to identify customers when they walk in the door.
  2. Recognize Their Loyal Status. Make them feel like they are part of an exclusive club, and give them something, like a free coffee or half price pedicure when they have made a certain number of visits. Just doing that will mean they tell their friends and come back over and over! Loyal customers mean more revenue which helps you make more money!
  3. Loyalty Only Perks. True regulars should get special treatment. Whether that means they get a free biscuit with their coffee every time they visit or 50 percent off every fifth haircut, make these customers feel that being frequent buyers is something you really appreciate. For example, if you are really busy, let them jump the queue. Awesome customers, who bring in the bacon, shouldn’t have to wait.
  4. Show Them Off. If you run a cafe and you have a regular who always comes in for lunch, give him or her a free refill and make sure they get recognition for other customers to see and be envious! If customers see that using your loyalty program and loyalty app gets them a freebie they’ll sign up, tell their friends and become regular paying customers too!
  5. Offer Loyalty Programs. Yes we have covered this already but it is so important we have to mention it again! Since loyal customers love to visit you already, offer them enticing rewards to earn. Free coffee for a week to customers who spend over a certain amount per month is a great way to incentivise loyal customers to visit even more than they already do. When small businesses use a customer rewards program and loyalty app to encourage their loyal customers we guarantee that the amount of visits and the amount spent during those visits will increase. Loyal customers spend more!

Loyal customers are the key to business success, especially in tough economic times. Nurturing their loyalty could be just the ticket to get through the recession. So go out there and make them feel special!

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