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Today, August 1, we are delighted to announce the availability of the Loyalzoo loyalty app. The app can be downloaded free of charge by iPhone users from Apple’s App Store, and by Android users from Google Play.

Loyalzoo loyalty app available on the iOS App Store

Loyalzoo loyalty app available on Google Play

We believe that this is far and away the best, the simplest, the most versatile loyalty app on the market. It is the only loyalty app on the British market which is purely Cloud-based, which means that there is no need for any form of cardboard, plastic or QR code. To check-in, the customer taps once; to give points or stamps, the merchant taps once. There is nothing else to the transaction.

The Loyalzoo app was developed specifically for small and independent merchants. This in itself is a revolution for the retail trade. Until now, it is the big brands, the big retail chains which have benefitted from the information age. They have the resources to invest in large-scale developments. However, anyone who has used their loyalty schemes will know that they are not simple to use, neither for the staff nor for their customers. Our loyalty app is not like that.

Here are just a few of the unique benefits of the Loyalzoo app:

1)      Simple one-tap use. Our app is a purely Cloud-based system. No plastic, no fiddling around with those annoying QR codes. Anyone with an iPhone or any Android phone can get started straightaway. It will soon be available for Blackberry and Windows phone users.

2)      All your favourite shops in one place. Most people have maybe half-a-dozen shops which they visit frequently and another few which they visit occasionally. All of these shops may have their own loyalty scheme, usually a piece of cardboard. But customers cannot carry around all these cards. They get lost or they have a few half-filled cards crumpled in their wallets. Now, they can just launch the app and see all them in one place, and see instantly where they are with their rewards.

loyalty app nearby shops

3)      Suitable for any retail outlet. There are two types of scheme: points or stampcard. The stampcard will be used by shops with a simple range of goods. Coffee shops or drycleaners for example. This scheme replicates the traditional cardboard stampcard. The points scheme works best for clothes shops, restaurants or pubs, outlets with a greater diversity of products. Both schemes allow for up to three different types of reward.

loyalty app punch cards                loyalty app rewards points

4)      Simple sign-up. We wanted to keep sign-up as simple as possible. Many people using independent shops will not want to fill out long forms giving all sorts of unnecessary information. You can sign-up and get started with a simple first name, or even a nickname.

loyalty cards app simple registration

5)      Facebook integration. Customers also have the option to sign-up via Facebook. This will help your favourite shops raise their Facebook profile. When a Facebook customer checks-in, he or she has the option to post both check-ins and rewards to their own Facebook page. And the shop will grow in popularity. This is what’s called a ‘double-whammy’.

loyalty cards app facebook integration

6)      Push notifications. Ever wondered if you’re missing out on discounts? Maybe your hair salon wants to do cheap cuts at a quiet time, but only if you follow them on Twitter or Facebook will you find out about it. With push notifications, the shop can let you know immediately on your phone of any deals or bargains.

loyalty app promotions

We are proud of our app because we know it’s the best. And not only is it incredibly useful, but it looks really great. We are sure you will enjoy using it.


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