Free Design Tools For Small Business

For many small businesses, ourselves included, resources and skills don’t always stretch as far as we’d like. Sure, a team of graphic designers, content producers and website-makers would be amazing – but the reality is that small businesses very rarely have people to do this. They might hire help on occasion, but are otherwise left on their own.

Here are two great free online sites to help you do it yourself. – Pixlr lets you upload photos from your computer, browse their own archives or even take a photo with a webcam there and then. Photo(s) at the ready – with pixlr you can edit in a range of ways. You can do pretty much everything from simply cropping a photo, to airbrush it or add a nice overlay effect or even text. It may take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with it, but it is a heck of a lot easier than photoshop – and it’s 100% free for now. – Wishing there was a way to create beautiful infographics, or a way to jazz up the quotes and stats you like to share on social media? Or a simple way to make pretty banners for your website, your Facebook profile or Twitter? Canva makes all of these a breeze – and, ingeniously, have readymade templates in the ideal measurements – choose between twitter image, twitter header, Facebook header, Facebook post, Pinterest post….the list goes on. We love canva – if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will have seen it in action. It is really easy to use, and has plenty of free options although you can also pay (from $1) to get access to their full range of templates and elements.

The picture that accompanies this post? Made in Canva, by uploading a photo we had then adding some nice design features on the side. Completely free – and put together in minutes.

Any other sites that you use? Let us know in the comments.

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