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How To Make Your Kiwi Loyalty Program a Success

To make sure you and your customers get the best from your Loyalzoo Kiwis loyalty program, there are a few simple things we recommend doing to make it a success. Best Practices for Your Loyalzoo Kiwi Loyalty Program First of

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Can I use the app as well as kiwis?

If you have a kiwis loyalty program, you can still use our mobile app. You can see who your customers are, their points balances and so on. You can even give them points using the app! Just keep in mind –

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How To Merge Kiwi and App Customer Accounts

If you have given customers points or stamps using our mobile app as well as with our kiwi codes – the customers’ points will automatically merge if the kiwi points are redeemed on the device they use for the Loyalzoo app. For example:

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How To Sign Customers Up to Your Kiwis Loyalty Pro...

Signing your customers up to your kiwis loyalty program is easy. Just give them a kiwi code, either in an email, a text message, on a business card or however you want – and as soon as the customer clicks

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5 Cool Ways of Using a Loyalty Program

As with most things in life, loyalty isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kinda thing. Punch cards are awesome for some – completely wasted on other. A points for spend based system can work for many, but may not always

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