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As with most things in life, loyalty isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kinda thing. Punch cards are awesome for some – completely wasted on other. A points for spend based system can work for many, but may not always be the best approach. Here at Loyalzoo we get that you want something that works for you – and that’s why we have made our loyalty platform so flexible that anyone can create the loyalty club they need. Here are 5 great and inventive ways to use our system.

1. Punch card / Stamp card

The good old stamp card. This is the one we have seen in paper-format for ages – perfect for shops who sell many of the same items – typically coffee, haircuts, lunch deals, etc. Some of our delis have 1 loyalty program for hot drink and another for lunch deal – two of their most popular deals. Very easy – everyone is familiar with it and knows how it works.

2. Points for spend

Probably our most popular solution is to give points based on customer spend. Say you spend $5 or £5, you get 5 points. Points are redeemable in discounts with the shop. We often see this in restaurants or other businesses like photography studios, where x amount of points gives, for example, 10% discount on next visit. What’s great about this one is that the reward itself is a treat which invites the customer to come back and buy from you.

3. Points leading to store voucher

This is another one we see a lot – especially in clothes shops and the like. We think it’s a great way of doing it – the reward feels like cash! It is highly valued amongst customers who are guaranteed to love their ‘free’ voucher. It’s also great for the merchant, who incentives repeat business even further – the voucher has to be spent, right? To take it one step further the shop can let the voucher be transferable as a gift for a friend, leading to high quality referrals.

4. Points leading to star treatment

This is one we have seen more and more of lately. You know the whole ‘no-queue’ restaurant trend? The one that has you standing in the cold for x amount of time just so you, too, can eat in the newest fancy schmancy hotspot? We do. Someone just approached us and asked whether Loyalzoo could be used in this way – letting customers queue jump as a points reward. ‘Well of course!’, we said. There are no limits to what you can do with Loyalzoo.

5. Prepaid punch card

This is another inventive use of our platform. The business gets customers to buy x amount of passes, e.g. for a fitness class, tutoring class or childminding – and they’ll get one for free for buying in bulk. Then instead of adding stamps / punches every time the customer comes in, one is subtracted.

There you have it – 5 different ways of using digital loyalty to benefit your business. If you can think of any other good ways, or want to share how you use loyalty yourself – let us know in the comments.

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